15 Jan

Spring 1 - Abram, the Iraqi who had a 'Lot' to lose

This is the first in a series of worships sharing the lives of different, well known, chracters from the Bible. In each story, each character is placed in the actual country which they lived in at the time.

In our first one we are listening to one of the stories of Abram, an important character…

4 Dec

Advent 1 - Countdown to Christmas

This week, we begin the Countdown to Christmas, for Christians this is a period of time called 'Advent'  It is a time of preparation, of getting ready to celebrate what Christians believe is the greatest gift of all.

Most importantly, it is a time to focus on being at peace with ourselves and…

27 Nov

Respect 3-Respect & Reverence for others

In this, our last worship looking at the value of 'respect' we learning about the llife of Mother Teresa.  She followed God's call to serve and spent her life with the poor and the needy and the sick, working tirelessly to follow God's command to help those who need help.

It is important to…

20 Nov

Respect 2 - Respect and Reverence for God & Creation

In this week's worship we learn of St Francis of Assisi and his famous hymn of praise to God for all of creation.  We learn of the importance of prayer for all people of faith for them to communicate with God.

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6 Nov

Respect & Reverence for God's Creation

This is the first in a series of worships considering the value of 'respect'.

We start off by considering the need for respect and reverence for God's creation as we learn about St Hilda and Caedmon.

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16 Oct

Taking responsibility for our family members

This is the final worship in ouor series considering 'Taking Responsibility'.

An old Ethipoian folk tale about 2 brothers is the focus and we consider how we treat each other as caring family members.


9 Oct

Using our gifts responsibly

This week's worship continues our series looking at taking responsibility for our own actions.  This week we are considering how to use the gifts we have, responsibly for the benefit of all.

Unfortunately, the list of names for children seen being great models for lining up and walking around…

2 Oct

Taking responsibility for managing our own anger

My worship this week is continuing our focus on 'Taking Responsibility" and this week we are thinking about being angry. Is there a time when it is right to be angry and how do we respond to that.

As part of the worship we look at when Jesus went into the Temple and drove out the money lenders…

25 Sep

Harvest 2023

For our Harvest this year we have decided to support Bishop Hpilip's appeal to help the people of South Sudan who are working for peace and to become self-sufficient.

Mr Mackley's worship takes us on a journey to learn about the work of CRESS UK and how as little as 10p can make a…

15 Jun

The Good Samaritan - KS2 worship, 16th June 2022

In our worship this week we are continuing to focus on our school value of compassion and to consider what the word means and how we can show it to others.

Our Bible story is from the New Testament and it is one of the parables that Jesus told all about the kindness of a stranger...


18 May

Rev Dan - Joseph & Potiphar's Wife (Genesis 39)

This week Rev Dan is sharing with us the story of Joseph & Potiphar's wife and how Joseph had to deal with a very tricky situation and how God rewarded his faithfulness.


16 May

Celebrating Serving Others

Online worship again this week!  Please remember and pray for our Year 2 children as they undertake their KS1 SATs this week.

This week we are continuing to look at celebrating different aspects of our Queen's life of service and our focus is on serving others.  Our worship looks at the…