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We subscribe to and follow the policy produced by the Lancashire County Council Educaitonal Visits Team. This represents best practice in this area.
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Charging Policy

Schools will charge a voluntary contribution for all school visits and outings. Where a pupil is eligible for pupil premium financial support may be given.

For pupils eligible under pupil premium, school looks to support pupils where financial restraints could handicap access to curriculum so that they do not miss out on equal opportunities.

Complaints Procedure

In the event of a complaint please contact school to arrange a meeting with the relevant member of staff. School office will advise on what to do next if you are not happy with the outcome.

Complaints Procedure

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Equality Duty

As a member of the Cidari Multi Academy Trust, we adhere to the Trust's agreed equality objectives. Please follow the link to view these https://www.cidarieducation.co.uk/about-us/ethosequality

GDPR& Data Proctection

As an Academy within the Cidari MAT, we follow the Trust's policies with GDPR & data protection.

Full details can be found by visiting https://cidarieducation.co.uk/gdpr where the Trust's position and relevant policy documents can be found.

For ease of access, the Data Protection Policy is available below.

GDPR & Data Proctection

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Scheme of Delegation

Please visit https://cidarieducation.co.uk/governance/SODel to view the Scheme of Delegation for the Cidari Multi Academy Trust.

Our funding agreement can be viewed here  https://files.schudio.com/cidari/files/Signed_and_sealed_St_Matthews,_SFA,.pdf