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6 May 2021

The Bible Story 3 - Abraham, God's friend

Rev Dan continues taking us through the Bible Story and this week he reminds us of what we have learnt so far and introduces us to Abraham.  HE was a righteous man who trusted in God and followed Him faithfully.  

4 May 2021

Thoughtfulness 4 - Random Acts of Kindness - Wednesday Worship 5th May

In the fourth in our series on our school value, we think about how we can be practical in our kindness.  We are challenged to choose at least 3 people we can show kindness to over the next week, and how we should expect nothing in return.  We are asked to choose 3 practical acts we can...

28 April 2021

The Bible Story 2 - Creation

This week Rev Alistair is continuing God's Story by reminding us of the story of Creation and how Adam and Eve made some pretty big mistakes but also that God loves us all, very much. Please leave a comment to let us know how the worship has made you think.

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