30 Apr

Worship for this week - Friendship 2

This week's worship:


This day may we know:

the wisdom of God the Father,

the friendship of God the Son and

the guidance of God the Holy Spirit.

The words of wisdom on the picture were written by St Paul around 2000 years ago.  

He wanted to teach people that the best way to…

29 Apr

29th April 2020

Hello again everyone, well the weather has certainly changed! Everyone has gone from summer clothes back to wearing jumpers and coats again for those limited trips out. As I sit and look out of my kitchen window the sky is blue again after being full of rain clouds this morning, it makes me…

23 Apr

Update from the Headteacher

Hello again everyone, I hope you are all managing to keep well and stay safe.

As the lockdown continues I am aware that it may be getting more challenging each day to balance keeping the children entertained and getting exercise without it putting too much stress on yourselves.  The staff are…

23 Apr

Worship for this week - Friendship

Hello, for me one of the hardest things about not being in school 'as normal' is being able to gather together as a school family for our acts of worship.  So, I thought I would share with you what we would have been thinking about this week.

Normally I would light a candle and say these…

12 Apr

Easter Sunday

A very Happy Easter to everyone, whether you celebrate Easter or not, for Christians the world over it is perhaps the most sacred and special day in our year. A day we remember when the risen Lord conquered death and rose again.

It is a strange Easter day when people cannot get together and…

10 Apr

Good Friday

9 Apr

Holy Week 2020

As we are in Holy Week, albeit a strange one, we have some thoughts for children and or families to look at together.

Have a look at this one, the instructions are straightforward.

9 Apr

HT Blog - 9th April 2020

Hello again everybody, I cannot believe it has been around two weeks since my last post and so much has happened in that time!

Thank you to everybody who is following the advice and staying home wherever possible; we are open each for the small number of children who are categorised by the…

24 Mar

HT Blog - March 24th 2020

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and managing to adjust to the very significant changes which have been made to how we are having to live our lives at the moment; it is a huge challenge for everyone in our community.


As a school we want to try and do what we can to help, we are open…

20 Mar

HT Blog, March 20th 2020

I am sitting here in a very quiet school building, only the sound of traffic outside keeping me company. Even that is not as noisy as it normally is just before 5 pm on a Friday afternoon.

This has been perhaps the most interesting and indeed challenging weeks I think I and my colleagues here…

22 Feb

February 2020

At our launch of the School Vision with parents we had a great discussion about what the vision means to the children (we shared a video some of them had made to let us know their thoughts) and in groups we talked about the three parts to our strapline, "Be blessed by God, be happy and aspire to…

8 Jan

January 2020

A very Happy New Year to everyone!

I think that I have managed to sort out how to write blogs so hopefully you should be seeing a few more in the future.

This post is to let you know a bit about our Vision Statement that we have worked on as a staff and with the children.  On our home page