8 Feb

Perseverance -Encouraging others

This is the final act of worship this half term that focuses on the value of Perseverance.  Today we are thinking about encouragement to carry on, even when life seems tough and we look at a modern day encourager who hopefully inspires us.


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2 Feb

Trust - How do we know who we can trust? Wednesday Worship, 3rd February

In our fourth Worship on the school value of trust, Mrs Walton shares with us about Nemo's dad Marlin, going on a mission to find his son along with Dory. Marlin learns that he should trust his new friend Dory. We think about how we can work out who we can trust, and how we can show others that…

1 Feb

Perseverance - meeting a personal challenge

My worship this week continues to focus on the value of perseverance and looks at how we can persevere with our own personal challenges. Sometimes we face a challenge and all the ways we want deal with it turn out not to be possible and so we have to meet it 'head on'. That's what my worship this…

27 Jan

Trust - Being a trustworthy friend - Wednesday Worship 27th January

The third in a series of worship based around our school value of trust. In it we hear Aesop's fable of the fox and the crow and think about the trust needed between friends. We reflect on how trust between friends can be broken, and how it can be rebuilt and repaired.


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25 Jan

Perseverance - Doing the right thing

This week, our worship on Perseverance takes a look at a prophet from the Old Testament and how he had to show perseverance in 'doing the right thing' even when it seemed a really difficult thing to do.

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20 Jan

Words of Jesus - I am the light of the world

Thursday 21st January

Rev Alistair shares with us the words of Jesus, "I am the light of the world".


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20 Jan

Trust - Putting trust in God - Wednesday Worship 20th January

Continuing the theme of trust.  We hear about Moses trusting God and what happened when he came across a problem. We see how God helped him and the Israelites cross the Red Sea in a spectacular and surprising way.  We think about when we are trusted and whether we might need to trust God.  Please…

18 Jan

Perseverance - Keeping going against all odds.

Mr Mackley's worship this week continues our thoughts about perseverance and uses a painting and the experiences of refugees to help us try and learn never to give up.

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15 Jan

Trust - Worship 13th January 2021

Mrs Walton's worship for this week, starting a series of worship focussing on our school value of trust. We think about what trust means and who we can trust when times are difficult and challenging. We reflect on how we can turn to God and trust in him. The Bible verse for this week is from the…

14 Jan

The Lost Coin

Our friends at Open the Book tell us the Parable of the Lost Coin. One of the very famous stories Jesus told about how much God loves us.

Let us know in the comments what it made you think about.


11 Jan

Perseverance - Running the Race, 11th Jan 2021

Mr Mackley's worship for this week, continuing our theme of perseverance.  

The Bible verse for this week talks about life being like a race and how we need to not give up.  Just like the Magi who we thought about last week, we need to stick at it, work together and help each other so that we…

5 Jan


Hello everyone, Happy New Year even though it is perhaps the strangest one we have ever had!

Wherever you are, please watch our worship for this week and leave a comment - it would be great to hear from you as we begin this term's focus on Perseverance.  A quality we are all going to need as we…