14 Jul

Respect 6 - no matter who, no matter what, no matter where

In this final Values worship of the year, we focus on the value of respect and that we should all show respect - no matter where, no matter who and no matter what.  We focus on the football and the amazing work of the England Men's team, and the teamwork, dedication and respect they have…

12 Jul

Truth and truthfulness 5 - having the courage to be honet

Hello everyone!


This is the last in our series of worships looking at truth and truthfulness and this week we are considering the quite tricky thing of being honest when it might hurt someone else's feelings.  The important thing is how we share the truth, we share it in a loving way that…

8 Jul

What makes God sad? Rev McHaffie

This week in his worship, Rev McHaffie is guiding us to think about what we do that makes God sad and what he wants us to do about it.

7 Jul

Respect 5 - Show respect to your family and carers

In this worship we learn about God's 10 Commandments which were given to God's people through Moses, and we focus in particular on the commandment which says, 'Honour your father and mother....'  We think about how we can show respect to those who care for us, and the members of our family. 


4 Jul

Truth & truthfulness 4 - searching for the truth

This week in our worship we learn about real treasure!  Too many people go searching for gold and jewels and belongings to consider them as treasure.  Jesus taught us that there is an even better treasure than that!

30 Jun

God's Big Story - Mark's Gospel, chapter 15

This week, Rev Dan is helping us to recap the story so far and leads us through Mark's Gospel and Chapter 15 with the amazing things that Jesus did for everyone.

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30 Jun

Respect 4 - We should respect everything and everyone

In this worship about our school value of respect we look to the very beginning of the Bible for our inspiration this morning  We see how God was pleased with the world he had created - it was good.  He asked the first people to look after and respect the world he had made. So - God said we should…

28 Jun

Truth and truthfulness 3 - making the right choices

Welcome to this week's worship thinking more about truth and truthfulness.

This week we are thinking about the dilemmas we face - sometimes we are tempted to make the wrong choice because it allows us to do something we want to do but is that the right thing to do?

24 Jun

The Bible Story - Nehemiah

This week, Reverend Alistair is teaching us about Nehemiah and how he brought God's message to His people that they needed to change their ways.

23 Jun

Respect 3 - Why we should respect ourselves

 In this worship we continue with the theme of respect.  Thinking about why it is important that we respect ourselves.  We look at the Bible and see that:

...we are 'fearfully and wonderfully made'. 

'God created us in His own image'

'God knows even the number of hairs on our…

21 Jun

Truth and truthfulness 2 - living without lies

In this week's worship, we are delving back into the Old Testament and the story of Jacob and Esau.  They were twin brothers but were very, very different and their story involved some pretty big lies with some devastating consequences...


17 Jun

Open the book - On the road to Emmaus

Our friends from Open the Book share with us this very special story from the Bible. It tells of two ordinary people who met Jesus in a very extraordinary way.