The Bible Story 1, beginnings

This term, Rev Alistair and Rev McHaffie are looking at the Bible Story, helping us see how it is telling us of God's love for us.


Rev Dan is starting us off by looking at 'beginnings'.

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Service 1 - Using our talents to serve others

Hello and welcome to the new worship value for this half term.

We are thinking about the value of service, how we can serve others and make their lives better.  Today we are thinking about how we can use the many different talents that we have to serve others, especially putting others and…

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Rev Alistair - A tree is known by its fruit

Rev Alistair concludes his worships looking at the words of Jesus.

This week's worship is "A tree is known by its fruit".

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Justice 6 - Easter, God is stronger than evil

Even though the festival of Easter has been and gone, it is important that we reflect on it and what it means for Christians around the world.  This is the last in our worships considering the value of Justice and considers the treatment of Jesus by the Jewish leaders and the Romans to see if it…

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Justice 5 - Keeping God's Rules

This is the last in the series of worships this half term looking at the value of justice.

I hope you have learnt a lot more about the word and what it means in our daily lives.

Today we learn about the importance of following rules to help us live lives that are just.

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Sayings of Jesus continued. Rev Dan

Rev Dan's worship this week continues to focus on the sayings of Jesus.

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Justice - seeing the whole picture.

My worship this week challenges us to not jump to conclusions.  It is very easy to make a snap decision on something without stopping to think of the consequences.

Hopefully after this, we can all learn to reflect on the decisions we make to ensure that we exercise justice in our…

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Open the Book - A dreadful day...

Welcome to this month's story from our friends at 'Open the book'.  This month they are sharing with us the events of Easter all those years ago and the hope that Christians believe it gives.

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Justice - making wise decisions

Part 2 in our worship series considering the value Justice.

In life we can be faced with really difficult situations and we need to be very careful with how we decide to deal with them. Being clear in our minds that there are always two sides to every story as well making sure we behave in a…

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Some sayings of Jesus

Worship from Rev Dan, our new Curate at St Matthew's Church.


He is talking with us about some of the things that Jesus said.

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Justice - treating people fairly

Hello everyone, it's a new half term and so there is a new value for us to consider.

Our focus in my worships this half term is Justice; this is not a word we often hear outside of the courts and legal system but it is a very important concept and one we can learn a lot about.

Today we begin…

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Perseverance -Encouraging others

This is the final act of worship this half term that focuses on the value of Perseverance.  Today we are thinking about encouragement to carry on, even when life seems tough and we look at a modern day encourager who hopefully inspires us.


As always, please leave a comment for others…

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