Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and managing to adjust to the very significant changes which have been made to how we are having to live our lives at the moment; it is a huge challenge for everyone in our community.


As a school we want to try and do what we can to help, we are open for the children who come under the categories identified by the Government only if they cannot be cared for at home. We have also provided some suggested activities on each class page on the website for your children to do. These activities are for the week and should hopefully help reinforce things the children have covered in class this year. If you have a book they can work in that is great, otherwise a simple notebook will do.

Each week your child's teacher will put some new activities up and we will text you when they are available.  There are loads of websites offering suggestions of how to keep yourselves mentally active and to try and make the most of the situation. The BBC have some really useful pages to look at, you may want to look at this one first https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-51959957 

One of the most important parts of daily life at St Matthew's is gathering together for our collective worship times - something I really enjoy as it is great to get everyone together. It is something that I have missed this week and will continue to miss the longer we are closed.  Thankfully Blackburn Diocese are putting together some YouTube videos to watch if people wish to do so, the link for the first one is here https://youtu.be/gJovp9iJRUE if you would like to watch it.

Whilst we are closed I will try and update my blog to keep you informed and to point you to things that might be of use.

I look forward to re-opening the school to everyone at some point in the (hopefully) not too distant future so that our school family can be together again - school is too quiet!

God bless you all,

M Mackley