Thoughtfulness 4 - Random Acts of Kindness - Wednesday Worship 5th May

In the fourth in our series on our school value, we think about how we can be practical in our kindness.  We are challenged to choose at least 3 people we can show kindness to over the next week, and how we should expect nothing in return.  We are asked to choose 3 practical acts we can do for…

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Thoughtfulness 3 - Be Kind - Wednesday Worship 27th April

In this worship we hear the story about a girl who spills her juice, the responses of the children around her, and what effect that has on her.  One of those children tries her best to be kind in her actions, and starts to think about how being kind could really change the world, bit by…

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Thoughtfulness 2 - Colour our World with Kindness - Wednesday worship 21st April

In the 2nd of the series on our School Value - Thoughtfulness. We watch a story which shows how one small act of kindness can add colour and be passed along, to brighten so many people's worlds.


What can YOU do as a small act of kindness and help to add 'brightness and colour' to our…

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Thoughtfulness 1 - What is it? How can we show it? Wednesday Worship 15th April

As we start to reflect on our school value for this half term, we start to think about what thoughtfulness means?  What does is look like and how can we show this value to others around us at home and school?   We hear some words from Mother Teresa, explaining how being thoughtful, will help us to…

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Community 5 - Who is my neighbour? Wednesday worship 24th March

In the last of our series thinking about the school value of Community, we reflect on the commandment of Jesus to love our neighbour as ourselves and we explore the question 'Who is my neighbour?' Is it someone next door?  In our school? In our town?  In our world?  We watch the parable of…

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Community 4 - Why do we belong together? Wednesday Worship 17th March

This morning we are thinking about why we belong together and how hard it has been when we haven't been able to meet up with our friends and family as we wanted to.  We hear Jesus' words from the Bible when he gave the greatest commandments, one of which is 'Love your neighbour as…

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Community 3 - Jesus' friends were a community

In this week's Wednesday Worship we hear about Jesus' followers and disciples.  We watcha clip from the Bible when Jesus called them to be his followers in the New Testament and learn about how they became a community; working, learning, caring, listening, laughing, and helping together. 


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Community 2 - Feeling valued and needed

Community 2 - Feeling valued and needed  - Wednesday Worship 3rd March.  We think about how we all need to feel valued and needed and how we all have a part to play in making others feel like they are valued and needed, so that we can help to build a sense of Community here at St Matthew's…

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Community - Thinking about where we belong. Wednesday Worship 24th February

This is our first worship looking at the school value of Community. We think about where in the world we belong, where we come from and what it means to be a member of our school community and family at St Matthew's School.

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Trust - Who can we trust with the truth? Wednesday worship 11th February

In our final week of our theme on our school value of Trust, we think about how important it is to tell the truth, who we trust to tell the truth and whether we can be trusted to always tell the truth.  We learn that Jesus said, "I am the way the truth and the life..."

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Trust - How do we know who we can trust? Wednesday Worship, 3rd February

In our fourth Worship on the school value of trust, Mrs Walton shares with us about Nemo's dad Marlin, going on a mission to find his son along with Dory. Marlin learns that he should trust his new friend Dory. We think about how we can work out who we can trust, and how we can show others that…

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Trust - Being a trustworthy friend - Wednesday Worship 27th January

The third in a series of worship based around our school value of trust. In it we hear Aesop's fable of the fox and the crow and think about the trust needed between friends. We reflect on how trust between friends can be broken, and how it can be rebuilt and repaired.


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