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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 with class teachers Miss Newell and Mr Ward. Our amazing teaching assistant are Mrs Szymanowska in 4C and Ms Boyer in 4W. We are also lucky enough to have Ms Rowbottom as our PPA teacher and Mrs Sworen as our fantastic intervention teacher.



Summer 2

In our final topic of the year we will be looking at “Three Giant Steps”. We will begin by looking at the coastal town of Dover. Learning about the white cliffs as well as some of the background of the town and where it sits within the UK. Next we will move to learning about France.We will learn about the food, learn some key phrases and even research the Tour de France and some key locations from the route. The final focus of the topic will be Canada. We will learn where Canada is within the world, what it has to offer in terms of tourism and also learn about the amazing range of wildlife that Canada has to offer. We cannot wait to get started!


Summer Term 1


We began the Summer term with the first of our 2 science topics, Green Fingers. The children handled and dissected flowers, learnt the names and functions of the different parts. The children then set up and carried out simple comparative and fair tests to demonstrate the requirements of plants for life and growth. Moving on, the children looked at examples of different types of roots. Using card and straw, they investigated the role the roots play of anchoring the plants down. The second role of transporting water through its tubes was observed by placing white carnations into coloured water and observing how the water traveled up the stem to the flowers. Finally, the children observed and explore the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal.


The second topic in the first Summer half term was “May the Force be With You” which gave children the opportunity to learn about forces. First the children learnt about the forces of push, pull and twist and even created models of objects that needed to use these forces to work. Then we learnt about gravity and tested whether the effect of gravity would change how far a toy car moved. After that we explored with magnetism! We learnt how magnets work, what materials they attract and even created and played a game which uses the force of magnetism. We finally moved on to designed costumes for people who might work in a magnetic field. We are very tired from all our hard work.

Summer 1

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Have a look at the fantastic work Year 4 have been doing in the first half of the summer term.

Last half term in our topic we looked at the Stone Age all the way to the Bronze Age. The children really enjoyed learning about things that have happened in the past and had the chance to make lots of different artefacts of their own. They made roundhouses out of classroom materials, models of Stonehenge out of biscuits and Celtic jewellery out of coloured pipe cleaners. In Literacy, we had lots of fun making up our own rhyming stories linked to the story Caveman Dave. We were able to create our own caveman character and then make a booklet that rhymed. These are displayed in school for all to see! In the last few weeks of half term we were practising for our ‘Easter Eggstravaganza’ performance. All the children really enjoyed learning new songs, dances and poems. We hope that you were able to come and see the performance as they made us very proud!

Spring Term

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Have a look at the exciting activities Year 4 carried out in the Spring term!


Autumn 1

For our first topic of the year we are going to be looking at “It’s All Greek To Me”. This unit is all focused on the life and history of Ancient Greece.

We will begin by looking at where and when Ancient Greece began and what they have left us behind that has changed the way we live. We will also look at the different regions and states in Ancient Greece and how they decided to run their own individual areas.

With a very good look at Greek mythology we will have a look at the different gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece and how they are all different and serve a different purpose in Greek life. Next we will look at the daily life of an Ancient Greek, what they wore, what they ate and how their lives were similar and different to our own which will be made even better by a first-hand look at some Ancient Greek artefacts.

It's All Greek To Me

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In the first half of the Autumn term year 4 took part in everything Greek! The video shows off some of the really fun, interesting and informative sessions we took part in.