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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.


The children are now based upstairs at school and are in lower Key Stage 2. 3B is taught by Mrs Bryden and 3S by Miss Smith. Mrs Mirza covers PPA and management time in both classes. The children are supported by a team of great teaching assistants: Miss Touissant, Mrs Mussa, Mrs Bapu, Mrs Slater (1:1) and Mrs Norman (interventions). In Year 3 the children, the teaching time is slightly longer and the children do not have a break in the afternoon. They are encouraged to bring healthy snacks or to purchase toast at morning break. Water bottles are essential as it becomes extremely warm in the upstairs’ classrooms.


Year 3 Autumn Term 2

For the first two weeks of the new term we will be exploring the jungle through art, music, drama and dance. There will be lots of special visitors in school to teach us new skills and in our classes will be having lots of fun painting, drawing, singing, dancing and creating different things associated with the jungle.

In week 3, we move onto our ‘Spirit of Christmas’ topic where we are comparing Christmas in Germany with Christmas in the UK. We begin by locating Germany and its surrounding countries on a map of Europe, before focussing upon a different scaled map to locate major German cities and rivers. The children will research what Germany is famous for so they develop a sense of place. German traditions will be studied with letter writing to Christkindl and artwork connected to her. The children will listen to the story of St Nicholas and begin to design their ‘mod-roc’ shoe ready to be left out on the eve of St Nicholas. These will be painted and decorated when dry. The children move onto discovering when, where and what is sold at a German Christmas market and will be finding out and comparing German and British traditions at Christmas. The final week with see us focussing on making cards, calendars and decorations for Christmas, as well as holding our own Christmas party.

Autumn Term 1

Under Attack!!

Our first topic of the school year is ‘Under Attack’. This will explore the invasions made by the Romans, Anglo Saxons then Vikings. We will begin by looking at where the Romans invaded through maps. After this we will look at different aspects of Roman life such as emperors, art, mining and numerals. We will explore buildings and architecture through science within this topic. The local museum will be lending us Roman artefacts that we will handle with care and write captions about. The next section will focus upon the Anglo Saxons. Within this section, we will be reading maps, exploring the invasion through music and drama and looking at the Seven Kingdoms that Britain was divided into. Last of all, we will focus upon the Viking invasion. We will locate the Viking homelands, the countries in the world where the Vikings visited and will identify Viking settlements on a modern map. As well as being raiders, the Vikings were also traders, so we will look at what they brought to and took from Britain. We then move onto Viking boats where we will be researching and labelling a long and a knarr ship, as well as developing our knowledge of longship art. The topic is brought to its conclusion when we compare the three groups: Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and put crucial events in chronological order.



Fables and explanation texts.

Grammar: use of punctuation, word classes, conjunctions, determiners and tenses.


Place value, addition and subtraction of HTOs.


E-safety and programming.


Harvest and Called by God.


Relationships: bullying.


Gymnastics and rugby.


Please see the Year 3 curriculum overview letter for more details.

Important information that was given out at the Meet the teacher meeting is also available on the website.

Curriculum Letter Autumn 2

Curriculum Letter Autumn 1 2017