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Year 3

‘Window on the World’.

We began the second half of the Spring term with ‘Window on the World’. This topic focused on the environment. We began by looking at what makes a settlement and looked at how settlements were in the past and how they have changed over time. The children looked at aerial maps of the local area from the past and then compared them to how land is used nowadays. The children investigated modern land use and built their own settlements to match different family groups. We then moved onto exploring what a village is and what is a city. We studied the local village of Chipping and found out facts about the village, as well as its land use and amenities. We then looked at Preston and what it is made up of and what Preston offers to its citizens. The children had the opportunity to compare the two places and debated where they preferred to live in.

Our second phase of the topic looked at the wider world. We began by discussing the terms importing and exporting and how the world’s natural resources are not distributed equally, which is why countries need to trade. The children researched why some countries, who are rich in natural resources, are sometimes the poorest (third world) countries and how countries such as Japan, who are poor in terms of natural resources, are amongst the richest countries. We then focussed on how Fairtrade can benefit both farmers and the environment by promoting sustainable farming. The children plotted, on a world map, the main countries where Fair Trade products are grown and discussed what these countries have in common (where they are in the world – equatorial - and that they have large areas where people live in poverty.) The children followed the journey of a Fairtrade banana and saw the importance of paying a fair wage along the way. To finish our Fairtrade fortnight, we looked at some Fairtrade goods and created a product using Fairtrade ingredients. The children advertised their product before evaluating it. In our final week, the children discussed deforestation and saw the devastation it is having on wildlife and habitats.

When Mickey met Wallace

Our 1st topic of the summer term sees the children concentrating more on the Arts and ICT.

We begin by exploring ‘What is animation?’ and when you hear the word, animation, what does it make you think of? The children will be discussing their favourite cartoon characters, before being asked to draw them. We then explore cartoons that aren’t animated and animations that are not cartoons.

We will look at how pictures moved in the past through zoetrope and flipbooks. The children will be able to evaluate a range of books, before making their own flip book. Moving onto Mickey Mouse, we will watch his first appearance in a moving picture and look at how he has developed over the years from 2d to 3d. The children will be asked to put various pictures of Mickey Mouse in chronological order, before attempting to draw an old and a more modern picture of him.

We move to more modern times and will carry out research into Wallace and Gromit. The children will discover how the animations are created before attempting to make their own character out of plasticine or clay.

Our final look at cartoons will concentrate on the work of Davey Law who famously created the Beano characters. Here the children will have opportunities to draw, paint and print a range of characters.

Throughout the 7 weeks, the children will carry out drama work connected to cartoons, look at strengths, weaknesses and goals in PSHE and will study Beethoven in depth, resulting in the children creating The Beethoven Beat rap.

In ICT, the children will learn how to use software to make their own 3d animations.


‘A right royal battle’

We end the first half of the term with ‘A right royal battle’ where the children will concentrate on the Battle of Hastings. The children will discover where the Normans came from and why they settled here. Through questioning and hot seating, the children will discover more about William the Conqueror. The Battle of Hastings will be studied and sequenced, using the Bayeux tapestry as a reliable historical source.


Window on the World.

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From Out Of The Shadows

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The Spirit of Christmas

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Autumn 1

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