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Welcome to Reception

Our teachers are Mrs Shaikh and Miss Welfare. We are lucky to be helped by Mrs Gornall, Miss Cookson and Miss Patel. We also have Miss Ghallagher who is our HLTA who will be teaching the children in the absence of the teacher.


In Reception we offer the children lots of opportunities to learn and explore through play within our continually changing provision areas (indoors and outdoors). The children learn through a mixture of adult led and child initiated learning, both of which are as equally important in a child's development.

Our topics are based on children's interests and this half term the topic is called ‘Family Fortunes’. We will be finding out about ourselves and our families. We will find out about what roles people in our families play and how we are part of this. We intend to find out about how we can show care and concern for ourselves and others.


Things to do at Home


Things that you can do at home to help your child are:


  • Reinforce the sounds covered during the week by practising the sound of the letter and the correct formation of the letter.
  • Share reading books, discussing plots, characters and their feelings, as well as simply decoding the text. If you can listen to your child read every night for 5/10 minutes, this will help build your child’s confidence with reading.
  • Look over key words (sheets sent home) with your child and encourage the recognition of these words in any order.
  • Draw your child’s attention to numbers in their environment e.g. telephones, door numbers, car number plates etc. Count things around the home. How many windows do we have? etc…