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Our School Values

Our school values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

Our current value for this half term is Hope

We will be learning all about the meaning of hope and creating prayers and discussing what hope means to ourselves and others. Keep an eye out for examples of our fantastic work.

Have a look at some of our posters about our hopes!

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Last half term our value was Trust! We were concentrating on the importance of people being able to trust us and trusting one another. The Ethos club created lots of different trust games that we played within our worship time to build our trust within classes.


During our democracy afternoon everybody looked at what our new school Golden Rules might be. Trust came up a lot during these discussions and provoked lots of thought and questions.


For our last term this year we are going to be focussing on COMPASSION! Think about how you can show compassion to others around you.

Keep looking to see what we are doing in St.Matthew’s!

Our value during the second half of the Spring term was Reverence. See some of our work below.

Our Reverence Powerpoint

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During the first half term of Spring we looked at the value of hope. So far we have had a hope pool where children wrote their hopes on a piece of paper and then placed them in a pool of water and watched them open up before their very eyes!

"St. Matthew's CE Primary School is dedicated to providing an education which enables every child to fulfil his/her best potential.  It seeks to promote academic, emotional and spiritual growth in a Christian environment welcoming children drawn from diverse cultures."

(School Mission Statement)


At St. Matthew's Church of England school, we have a strong, distinctive Christian ethos and encourage children to develop values of forgiveness, friendship, thankfulness, hope, reverence, trust, compassion, and koinonia. At St. Matthew’s our Values are very important to us! They help us to grow spiritually, emotionally and academically. We ensure that children learn these values through the teachings and stories that Jesus told. At St. Matthew's we strive to meet pupils' personal, social, emotional and spiritual needs.


Children have opportunities to think about and apply Christian values through religious education lessons, collective worship and as an integral part of our curriculum. We encourage children to help to embed our Christian values by allowing them to run an ethos committee, who think of fun activities we can join in with to share our values with one another!



Moreover we welcome families of many faiths and recognise that our community includes many different religions and ethnicities and we have much to learn from each other.



Below you can see work on different values during each half term.



This Term our School Value has been Thankfulness! Our Ethos members have been very busy reminding pupils and staff how it is important we our Thankful for all the different things we have in our lives. Have a look at our presentations to see what we are all Thankful for.

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thankfulness video proper.wmv

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