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Our School Values



Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


St Matthews’s is a Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School with its ethos and teaching founded on Christian values and the belief that individuals are created by God and precious in His sight.


Our central concern is the education of the whole child. This stems from the Christian belief that all people are made in God’s image so all are equally worthy of care and all have a valuable contribution to make to the school and wider community.


Our school is committed to ensuring that every child reaches their full potential through an exciting curriculum and high quality teaching and learning.  We aim to provide the perfect conditions for learning as we believe that how children learn is as important as what they learn.  

Our curriculum develops a child’s curiosity and knowledge of the local community, the world and the natural environment through the National Curriculum. We aim to foster this curiosity through our vision of being a school community where enquiry skills are well developed and we believe in forging strong partnerships.


Mission statement  


“St. Matthew’s C.E. Primary School is dedicated to providing an education which enables every child to fulfil his/her best potential.  It seeks to promote academic, emotional and spiritual growth in a Christian environment welcoming children drawn from diverse cultures.”

‘Wanting the best for each member of the school – within a Christian environment,  working in partnership with each other, with home, church and our diverse community – led by the hand of God’.


The Aims for our Ethos


• To create a happy school in which pupils work hard and learn well, within a Christian environment

• To foster Christian standards and values in every aspect of education

• To develop in children a sense of awe and wonder at the world around them

• To ensure all children strive to reach above and beyond their full potential through the skilled learning opportunities provided by highest quality teaching.

• To personalise learning for all individuals; where Pupil Voice, challenge, risk taking, collaboration, equality and skills are developed, taking into account individual needs and talents.

• To provide a place where children feel valued, safe and supported through their development of health, safety, physical, social, spiritual, moral and cultural understanding.

• To provide an enlivening, enriched, skills based curriculum that develops children to question and drive their own learning.



Our school values  form a focus for our Collective Worship and provides a golden thread throughout the whole school.

Our values are distinctly Christian but also support the Muslim faith and other faiths represented in our school and are carefully chosen to reflect the needs of our multi-cultural school and community.











Our value for this half-term is 'Hope'


We will be learning all about the meaning of 'hope' and creating prayers and discussing what hope means to ourselves and others.  See below for some examples of our fantastic work.


Our School Values (2018-2019)

Hope - talk, think, read together

Have a look at some of our posters about our hopes!

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