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In RE we have been doing about the Passover when Moses escaped from Egypt with the other slaves. We also learnt about the special meal that Jewish people eat on a special night when the sun sets. We also ate the special foods like Matzos and grape juice. It tasted like dry bread. We learnt about the different plagues that happened during the night when King Ramses didn’t let the slaves go. We watched a film about the whole story of Moses through his life starting from when he was in the basket, to when he escaped from Egypt and lived in the desert. We did an activity when we wrote how Moses felt on different occasions. It was a fun activity to do. We also looked at the special miracles that Moses did not only when he escaped Egypt, but when he was a little boy aswell."




Year 6



"In RE we have been learning about authority. There are many  people who have authority for example like policemen, teachers and head teachers. There are many more people who have authority. Jesus has a special authority named divine authority because he is the son of God. Jesus has shown authority by his miracles he has done before. You can’t do miracles if I ask you to make a blind become able to see you can’t do it because it is impossible. In class we have watched the baptism of Jesus in the clip I had found out that Jesus had left  where he lived to be baptised by John the Baptist ,when he reached where it was he had be baptised and after that a  storm began and a dove appeared and a message was sent to Jesus that he was the Gods son that is when he knew he was the son of God."




Year 4



In our classes we have learnt about how you can trust someone and how easy it is to lose trust. We have created some trust poems and in P.E we have been learning in gymnastics about holding each other’s hands and leaning backwards. We relied on the other person to hold our body weight so we don’t fall.


Zubeyda Y6