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Welcome to Nursery

 We have had a slight change of staff within the  setting. The following staff now work in nursery:


Mrs Naik – Nursery teacher

Miss Cothliff – Nursery nurse

Mrs Reddy – Nursery nurse

Miss Davy – Higher level teaching assistant / speech and language

Mrs Winward – Welfare assistant



This half term our topic is about bears. We will be reading lots of bear stories that are both fiction and non-fiction. We will be looking at different kinds of bears and their natural habitats. Our role play area at the moment is a vet but it will become a kitchen and a place where they can have a teddy bears picnic. We will at some point invite the children to bring in their own bears and prepare food to have a real teddy bears picnic.


Our topic next half term will be ‘what a wonderful world’. We will be looking and reading various books related to animals such as ‘The hungry caterpillar’, ‘Rainbow fish’ and many more. We will also look closely at things that grow and our role play area will be transformed into a garden centre.



The second half of the summer term is also very busy with nursery graduation and sports days taking place. The children that are coming to St Matthews in September will be making several visits to the Reception class. 


Spring 2:

Next half term our topic will be called ‘People that help us’. We will be looking at people that help us at home, at school and in the community such as builders, nurses, police and firefighters. We will be having visitors coming into school to talk to the children about their jobs and the importance of them. They will bring in artefacts so that the children can touch and feel objects that they use.


We will also be looking at the ‘Easter Story’ and the importance that ‘Easter’ symbolises for Christians.


Please be aware that your children will be taking part in phonics everyday so please support them when they are ‘soundtalking’. We are concentrating on learning the letter sounds s, a, t, p, i, n. 


Last half term:


We will begin the Spring term with a quick re-cap about ‘Winter’ and hopefully we will be able to play out in the snow with the children!! We will then begin our topic of ‘Once upon a time’ which will entail looking at traditional stories.


We will start with the story of ‘Cinderella’. The children will make invitations, decorate a ball gown and will have the opportunity to dress up in our role play as it will be changed into a fairy castle.


We will then look at ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’. Children will act out the story using masks, make and play with porridge and use instruments to listen to different sounds.


Another traditional story that we will be looking at is ‘The three Billy goats gruff’. We will paint our own troll and then describe it using exciting words. We will act out the story and make a bridge for the children to cross.


A well loved story that we will be reading is ‘Little red riding hood’. The children will look at the characters in the story and act it out. We will look at how we can change our voices to make up the different characters.


The final story we will be looking at is ’The gingerbread man’. We will look at a gingerbread recipe and follow it to make our own little gingerbread men. We will make some props so that we can act out the story.


After half term our topic will be about people who help us. We will first start by looking at people that help us at home. The children will hopefully give us some great ideas such as mum, dad, brothers, sisters, nanas and tell us how they help us in different ways.


We will then look at who helps us at school, such as Mr Small who keeps them safe, Mrs Jordan in the office, Mr Sumner who brings the milk and fruit, the lollipop lady who helps us to cross the road safely, and the teachers who help them to learn.


We will hopefully have lots of visitors which will make the topic very exciting. Our role play will be changed into a hospital. We will hopefully have visits from:-

a nurse who will show use a stethoscope and talked about her role and duties.

The police who will show them the equipment they use such as handcuffs, baton and radio.

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