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A ticket to ride

In the last half of the summer term our topic is called ‘a ticket to ride’ which is all about journeys. We will look at a few traditional stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, Three Billy Goats Gruff and the Gingerbread Man. We will look at the journey that they all make and what happens as a consequence of it. We will also look at ‘Postman Pat’ books and the adventures that he has whilst he is out in his famous red van. Other stories that involve journeys that we will look at our Handas Surprise and We’re going on a bear hunt.

Through the books that we look at we will develop our creative development using different media and also using drama to act out the stories. We will encourage the children to show an interest in illustrations and print in books and in the environment, and point out letters they see, handle books correctly, pointing from left to right. Draw lines, circles and patterns to develop emergent writing and show some control using mark making tools.

In maths the children will be given lots of opportunities to use number names and count up to 5 objects and beyond reliably through play, to use the language long, short, tall and small and to recognise groups with 1, 2, and 3 objects. They will also observe and use positional language, on, in, under, behind, in front. Begin to recognise, match and talk about the shape of everyday objects. During mark making the children will be given opportunities to write letters and numbers.


The last half of the summer term is very busy as the children will be involved in a sports day and also a nursery graduation which is always good fun.

Summer 1

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Have a look at the fantastic work the Nursery children have done in the first half of the summer term.

Spring Term

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Have a look at some of the fun activities Nursery have been doing in the Spring term!

In nursery we will be spending a lot of time getting to know each other, making friends, sharing our toys and learning to play nicely with each other. We will be learning the nursery routines and exploring all the different activities there are.


We will be looking at our immediate and extended families. We will be reading stories and talking about who is in our family, their names and what they do to for us.


We have already learnt a little about Eid and talked about how different families have celebrated this festival and made Eid cards. We will then learn about Diwali, talking about the celebration, lighting divas and making cards.


Next half term will be a busy time as we will be looking at ‘Bonfire night’. We will focus on the shapes, colours and sounds that fireworks make. Then we will talk about Autumn, looking at the changes that are taking place and all the different colours around them. We will concentrate on a traditional Christmas looking at how Christians celebrate Christmas and act out the Nativity.

Autumn 1

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Have a look at the exciting events Nursery have been doing this half term.